December 2014 - Brianne Butler & Jason Rice

Published December 6, 2014

CFBA ran a 6 week Paleo Challenge - we had the intention of having one winner however with the dedication of these two athletes that was not an option! Below is what Jason had to say ......

with crossfit alone I was getting into good shape and loving it so much that I recommend it to any one I talk to that ask me about fitness but the real difference came to me with the paleo challenge not only did it send my weight lost in to overdrive but I have really been educated a lot about a healthy lifestyle and helping me realize how important things like the proper amount of sleep really are.. yes the food changes were a struggle early on and once in a while but its a lifestyle change and not a diet you learn to make it what you like I don't have to be boring food there are a ton of different options and food combinations.

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