Blake Evans

Head Coach

Published July 6, 2015

As the owner and head coach of CFBA, Blake strongly believes that health and fitness play a vital role in each persons life. Blake fosters a positive training environment aimed to help members overcome any limiting beliefs of self-doubt. Blake prioritizes the safety of his members at all times, while scaling workouts according to their individual needs.

Fitness has always been a part of Blake’s life. He has been weight training for 18 years and was first introduced to the idea of functional fitness in 2009 while training Mixed Martial Arts. Blake opened his first CrossFit gym, Crossfit 513 (now CFBA), which was one of the very first CrossFit gyms in Cincinnati. He has nearly a decade of experience in training clients ranging from professional athletes and figure competitors to dancers and the average Joe. Blake also has a specific passion for Olympic lifting and weight training because of the discipline it requires and the technicality of each lift.

Blake is always looking for ways to broaden his knowledge base in the field of health, nutrition, movement, and fitness. Along with developing a strong understanding of the human body and nutrition through personal experiences, he is persistently determined to learn more. Blake is a CF Level 2 coach and has attended seminars including Outlaw, OPT, CrossFit Competitor’s course, and Donny Shankle’s Weightlifting Seminar. 

In addition to operating a CrossFit gym, Blake also works with the city of Blue Ash to conduct free fitness classes for the public at Summit Park each summer, leads corporate wellness fitness classes for a local family-owned business, teaches both CrossFit & specialty classes, and practices additional sports such as jiu jitsu, yoga, & boxing. When he isn’t at the gym, Blake enjoys spending time with his two kids.

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