1. What is CrossFit Kids? 

CrossFit Kids is a program to provide strength and conditioning for children while meeting their developmental needs physically, neurologically and cognitively as well.


2. What ages can participate in the CrossFit Kids programs

Currently Blue Ash Strength & Conditioning offers two age categories, Kids (ages 6-12) Teens (13-18). *Please note that placement in the classes is determined as the coach evaluates your child’s individual fitness level and coordination.

3. What should my child bring/wear?

Each child should have a water bottle labeled with his or her name and should come dressed in clothing appropriate for jumping, running, climbing, and being upside down.


4. What does a CrossFit Kids class look like?

Classes are held in a group setting where we use functional movements that are constantly varied to develop well rounded athletes. Classes are primarily game based, incorporating skill work and weighted movements that translate directly into what kids do every day in play: running, jumping, climbing, throwing, pushing and pulling. A typical class usually starts with a warm up, moves into skill work, a workout, and finished with a game. CrossFit Kids primary goal is to equate fitness with fun, thereby placing fitness as a priority in life.

5. Will my child be lifting weights?

Weighted movements are incorporated into workouts after the age of five at the discretion of the coach. Dumbbells and kettle bells are used as opposed to barbells with children to prevent causing bar path issues and to work with changing coordination in constantly growing children. With kids’ classes, emphasis is placed on perfecting form as opposed to adding weight or performing max lifts.


6. Is weight lifting safe?

Under appropriate supervision with appropriate form and technique, yes! CrossFit Kidfs is designed with your child’s utmost safety in mind. The American Academy of Pediatrics as well as several independent researchers have both affirmed that lifting weights and impact loading is beneficial to bone development and creates well rounded, strong young athletes and may actually prevent sport injuries.


7. Are you going to recommend that my child start eating specific diet?

No. CrossFit Kids encourages whole nutrition, encouraging kids to make the best choices in all situations, including food. We recommend whole foods over processed foods, and believe in helping children distinguish between protein, carbohydrate, and fat as the building blocks they need to fuel their bodies.


8. Do I need to stay during CrossFit Kids classes?

It is preferred that a parent/or guardian stay on the premises at all times. If a rare occasion arises that this is not possible or that one parent will be dropping off a child and the other will be picking him/her up, please inform the coach.


9. My child is shy. Am I allowed to participate?

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to come and stand by your child as they get used to the class setting. As he or she gets more comfortable we hope that they will begin interacting and participating on their own, but we understand that adjustment time period may be different for everyone.