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We are not nutritionists and you should consult a registered and certified nutritionist and your doctor before starting any nutrition program.  That being said, our coaches engage in a primarily whole-foods diet consisting of meats, vegetables, fruit and nuts.  We stay far away from sugar, grains, dairy and breads to prevent inflammation in the gut and throughout the body.


Most importantly, we eat for performance, not to look good. We know that chasing a faster mile, a heavier press and higher score in "Cindy" is the way to looking good. When we eat right, we perform better. Your coaches are filled with excellent knowledge in nutrition and ways to get on track to a better life.




Please Google the following topics for more information on what to eat:


• Paleo Diet 


• Primal Diet


• Robb Wolf


• Whole9 Life


• Mark Sisson


• Art De Vany